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Official Video: MB&F Legacy Machine 1

OFFICIAL VIDEO: MB&F Legacy Machine One from HODINKEE on Vimeo.

We all know from the horological world that the 1st week of October is dedicated to the whole new lineup of MB&F machines. The Legacy Machine, as MB&F proudly points out that this is what MB&F would make if they were born 100 years before. Watch the video and see how the concept materialized and explained in superb fashion. I may be naive to say that he may have perhaps filled the gap left by the late Gerald Genta, but to see his works and how passionately he creates wristwatches or should I say machines that are out of this world. Crazy you say? To others, this is genius.

First found from the MB&F Facebook page but had issues embedding the video. Thanks to Hodinkee for posting the video. Definitely should not let this pass.

Source: vimeo.com

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